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BBC Young Musician 2022

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

BBC Young Musician is the ultimate show of young musical talent in the UK and the grand final is this week. Here are some things you need to know ahead of Sunday's performances.

What is BBC Young Musician?

Young Musician of the Year is a competition held by the BBC to showcase the UK's young musical talent. It happens every two years. To enter, musicians must be 18 or under and must have achieved grade 8 standard.

There are five categories of the competition: Strings, Keyboard, Brass, Percussion and Woodwind. Each musician competes to be the best in their category, with the winners going on to the grand final at the end of the competition.

Who are this year's finalists?

All five finalists have been announced. Introducing...

Sasha Canta, 18, Trumpet

Sofía Patterson-Gutiérrez, 17, Flute

Jaren Ziegler, 17, Viola

Jordan Ashman, 17, Percussion

Ethan Loch, 17, Piano

How can I watch?

All category finals are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

The grand final will be shown on BBC Four On Sunday 9th October at 7:00pm.

For extra content and some interesting information on practice and other aspects of learning an instrument, go to the BBC Sounds app and listen to the BBC Young Musician Podcast.

BBC Young Musician is a really important programme that shows young people what's possible when you commit to practice, hard work and perseverance when learning an instrument. Tune in on Sunday and be inspired by some great performances!

Get Ready...

Prepare for this years Young Musician by watching a clip from the percussion final 2020, the winner of which went on to become Young Musician of the Year: Fang Zhang, 17.

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