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Welcome to the Sound Lab. 

Here we introduce you to different types of music you may not have heard before. 

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Here we'll add our sound of the week. Have a listen and enjoy something new!

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This week's sound is...

This week's sound is 'September', by American band Earth, Wind, and Fire.

It is one of their most popular songs, being added into the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry for its cultural, historical or aesthetic importance.

Many believe that the significance of the date mentioned at the beginning of the song, 21st September, is a reference to the end of summer. This has been disputed by the songwriters however: they wrote it because it sounded good!

Despite this, with the upcoming of the official end of summer this week, we couldn’t miss out on sharing this great track!


What style of song is ‘September’?

What is the first instrument you hear in the song?

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