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The Eco Rap

Compose a rap about protecting the Earth. You could write about endangered animals, recycling, not dropping litter or anything else you can think of.

Composing your rap

Use the Rap grid below to help you.  Each square represents a beat in the music. You can write one or two syllables in each square. If you think you are an ace rapper try four syllables in a square! If a word has more than one syllable put a dash between each syllable.

Look at the example to see how this works.


















Step 1.

Listen to a performance of the rap and follow the score. Listen to how the words fit to the beat.

Eco rap 1.png
The Eco Rap

Step 2.


Download the score grid and start composing your own rap.



Making it more interesting

You will notice there are some squares blank. These are silent beats (think shhh in your head). In verse 3 there is a dash before the word, this tells the performer to speak after the beat.



Step 3.

Practicing your rap

Clap the rhythm of the words (remember to say 'shhh' in any silences).

Open the backing track and play it 2 or 3 times while tapping the beat on your knee.



Step 4.


Start the backing track count 16 beats (taps) and start to rap!

Say each line twice in this order:

Chorus, Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Chorus.


Practice over and again until you are happy you are performing it as well as you can. Then you can record it using your phone, tablet or the microphone on your computer and e-mail it to me at or Mr. Gilby.

If you don’t want to record your rap you could send me a copy of the score instead.


I look forward to hearing you rap.


Happy rapping!

Mr P


Eco Rap Backing TrackArtist Name
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