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Words of Encouragement

Head Teacher of Halam C of E

A third of our children now take individual music lessons thanks to the huge array if instruments on offer.  Their confidence and perseverance have been boosted as a result of having the opportunity to perform at events.  All of the music providers are friendly and engaging and interact well with our pupils.  i would highly recommend Music Academy's provision.


Just to let you know how much Emily is enjoying her lessons – she’s rapidly leaving me behind!  Many thanks, Andrea.


Thank you, Mr Parnell and Amy for all your hardwork with the girls they have really come on.  Emma

Head Teacher

We have used Music Academy for several years now and I am very pleased with the standard of service we receive.  Pupils learn a wide variety of instruments with the different specialist teachers they provide and the number of pupils who learn an instrument is growing and growing.  Pupils enjoy their lessons and parents are pleased with the progress they make.  I particularly like the responsiveness and adaptability of the teachers - very important in a primary school and appreciated by the pupils.  Robert Miles Junior School


Victoria really enjoys the singing lessons and I've really noticed the difference in her tone, projection and confidence so that's great.  Sarah

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